Infantility; or, stories about a girl called Sally.

So I discovered this awesome app on the iPad yesterday called ‘Paper’. What’s awesome about it is that it is breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL and succeeds in convincing you that you could make beautiful things too (this is somewhat a lie, because it hasn’t been enough to save me and my non-existent art skills but…. I did have fun.) So I splurged out 5 quid I do not have to buy the different kinds of pen they offer, such as watercolours and pencils (to sketch with) and the bold marker etc… Oh dear god. What have I done? But anyways, the upshot is — lots of my ugly pictures for this blog.

So here goes. This is a faux children’s story about an emo girl called Sally. As I told Miles, it is only pretending to be a children’s story because it actually deals with very adult and mature themes – such as transience, loneliness in the big city, and coffee. Miles snorted in my face (an action he repeated when I exclaimed happily, “I’m feeling so crrrrreative these days!”).






20120409-170638.jpg (these lines drew particular derision from Miles, the foremost critic of his time)



Hideous? Yes. Art was never my strong point. But immensely fun to mess about, too!!


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