The last day of 2011.

The last day of 2011 was a beautiful day: the skies were finally blue, the sun was shining through the city – rendering it unbearably hot sometimes, but beautiful – and the whole town was relaxed but buzzing with excitement at the same time; everyone looking forward to evening when the sky would be all lit up. I met up with some old school friends: 4 years and not too much has changed. Nice to be able to relax and just sink back into the chair; not having to worry about what to say next, whether one said or did the right thing – I found myself too worried about all that over the past term in Ox.

I looked out of my window at six pm and saw the Petronas Twin Towers reflecting off the most beautiful, golden sunset I’d seen since coming home. It was a good colour-filter to lay over the memories of the year: golden, shiny and bright! (My life is so consumed by photograph-editing software – AS BELOW – this seems an appropriate metaphor for me.)

ITunes’ Christmas app – 12 days of Christmas, where they give away some secret thing for free each day – gave away an amazing photo editing software yesterday, which makes a nice alternative to instagram. So here’s one from there!


1 comment
  1. moh2leo said:

    thats cool. i do have a soft spot for a yellow sun. its bold and cool

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