Hello again!


Back in The UK with them lovely sunsets again (and with Instagram, to boot!).

I don’t really have time to read the news here, since there is just (already) too much work and too many books to read. Too many long words and complicated theories of time and whatnot that I can’t get my head around…


So I have decided that I will update this blog in such a way as to incorporate my work….with book reviews and literary rants! If all my reading and work goes well, I will, hopefully, finish Woolf’s ‘To the Lighthouse’ tomorrow and Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ by next Tuesday.

(Ha. Yeah, I know. Ulysses in a week. Tried it before. It didn’t work. One only can hope.) Well, at least y’all can follow me on this odyssey (hohoho) and see how I do!


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