Two more days until…

View from inside college.

View from window


….I’m back in Oxford! One doesn’t realise how much one loves places or cities until one has to go away, or come back. I’m so glad I have another year there, even though it’ll pass probably as fast as – if not faster than – the past three years have. Wonder if anyone else feels suddenly too old, hurtled to a point they never intended to reach by life itself (and more such unexpected stops along the way). I sometimes do.

But whatever. OXFORD. SOON. A place I love filled with people I love. Can’t wait to be back!



  1. Helen said:

    Nice phtotos…I particularly like the silhouettes in the second one :) They caught my eye on the photography freshly pressed page.

    • Thank you so much! :) I wish the chimneys were more interesting, sometimes even if the sky is wonderful behind them I wish they weren’t ALL so alike…

  2. Anita S said:

    You are such a great photographer!
    Time often does pass all too quickly. I’ve found it to be even quicker as I get older. I need to remember to cherish every moment.

  3. Wow, these skylines are absolutely superb. Lovely use of colour…

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